Does Virtual Drive buy my vehicle?

Virtual Drive holds no stock but does however facilitate the consignment sale of a vehicle. To ensure compliance with regulations from our financial services provider partners and the South African Second Hands Goods Act, all vehicles are dealer stocked before ownership transfer.

Do I need to do a roadworthy test on my vehicle?

A roadworthy or condition report is not compulsory to list your vehicle on Virtual Drive, however it is a powerful tool to sell your vehicle faster. Should the DEKRA report be done upfront, this initial cost will be for the owner’s account. Once and only if the vehicle is then sold through Virtual Drive, this amount will be included in the final selling price.

Only once a successful offer has been made is it compulsory for the vehicle undergo a DEKRA roadworthy and condition and/or diagnostic report. The price of this Dekra report is then included in the final selling price.

Requests for upfront Dekra reports must be emailed to

Please note: Dekra roadworthy certificates are only valid for 60 days.

Where in South Africa can I sell my vehicle through Virtual Drive?

We are a Virtual platform and currently operate in both Gauteng and most areas in the Western Cape, with plans to expand to every major city in South Africa during 2018/2019. Our head office is based in Cape Town.

What are the age and mileage guidelines to sell a vehicle through Virtual Drive?

Vehicles must have mileage lower than 150 000 km and less than 12 years old (with a few exceptions, with rights reserved to Virtual Drive).

How does Virtual Drive calculate the value of my car?

A non-binding indicative price is provided for guidance during the vehicle registration on our website. Thereafter we will guide you to find the correct market related price via our industry experts and qualified sales team who will guide you to the correctly listing price from the start. Our sales evaluators will also be able to guide you and the buyer on pricing after the first scheduled viewing. Although we cannot guarantee the selling price for your vehicle, we will endeavor to guide you throughout your selling journey.

Can you guarantee that my car will get sold?

We cannot guarantee that any vehicle will be sold. Virtual Drive will market the vehicle, recommend the optimum price and will advise you throughout the selling process but there are many factors that might influence a vehicle not being sold.

Should the vehicle not be sold to a private buyer, our sales executives will network and market the vehicle on their behalf. Should the vehicle still not be sold, we will provide fair trade offers via our secure trade network.

What are the benefits of selling my car through Virtual Drive?

We don’t immediately price the vehicle at trade or below, leaving the seller with the bulk of the financial loss. Nor do we sell the vehicle at the highest possible value, often giving buyers the opportunity to pay less than retail value. Virtual Drive then facilitates the sale between the two parties, ensuring quality and customer service - providing safety and anonymity.

Why do you need my personal details?

We want to ensure the safety of both Seller and Buyer. In order to verify each user on our system the ID, Driver’s license, “Live Selfie” and Proof of Address is required. All personal details are kept 100% confidential and encrypted. We will never store or distribute any details without your consent. Please read our Privacy Statement for more clarification.

My vehicle is still financed. Can I still sell my vehicle through Virtual Drive?

Absolutely! If you do not have a current settlement letter from the financing bank, we can request on your behalf or simply follow our guidelines during the listing process. Should the vehicle sell for a value below the settlement quoted by the bank, the Seller will have to pay the shortfall to Virtual Drive before the vehicle is delivered and the outstanding value is settled.

You may be required to give Virtual Drive authority to request the original Natis document on your behalf from your financial services provided. We will guide you throughout this process.

How long before I receive payment for my vehicle?

Within 0 - 5 working days with some exceptions due to a number of possible factors that may impact this, such as the method of payment of the purchaser, public holidays etc.

Delivery of the vehicle will only take place once the payment is reflecting in the Virtual Drive trust account or the finance agreement and delivery note has been signed by the new owner.

    These are a few factors could also cause a delay in payment:
  • Outstanding licensing fees
  • Vehicles finance agreements that are in arrears
  • Lost original Natis documents for either the seller or the financial institution who holds title to the vehicle

When do I release my vehicle to the buyer?

The vehicle handover only occurs after payment cleared by Virtual Drive or the finance agreement and relevant handover documentation is signed by the new buyer should they be financing the vehicle. After delivery, Virtual Drive will then become fully responsible for the payment to you as seller.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Yes, but you will need an authorisation affidavit letter from the car’s owner stating their intent, their ID details, your ID details and their signature. Certified copies of both parties ID documents, the vehicle’s original NaTIS form and a proof of address will be required upon submission.

Please note that we will have to verify the original FICA documentation of the seller in their presence before delivery.

Who does the registration and administration of the sale?

We do. It’s that simple. We might require your authorization or assistance throughout the process, but all registration, settlement and administration is done on your behalf. Only licensing and registration requirements unrelated to the specific vehicle may be excluded or invoiced additional

Duplicate spare key

If you would like to duplicate your spare key, you will need to contact your nearest authorised vehicle dealership. After you have supplied the VIN number of the vehicle the consultant will be able to provide an accurate quote for the key. The vehicle might be required to be brought to correspond coding with the new key.

Service book duplicate procedures

The vehicle service and accident history can be accessed by contacting the manufacturer. A copy of the NaTIS document will usually need to be forwarded for authorization. Assuming the vehicle was maintained by independent garages, you need to contact the garages that serviced it and request service records directly.

Where is my closest Dekra Station?

DEKRA has over 40 quality service stations nationwide. If you would like to find your closest branch, please follow this link:

What must I take with to my Dekra test station?

A valid vehicle license disc and valid Driver’s license or Identity document. And your vehicle, of course.

How do I apply for vehicle finance?

Virtual Drive (Pty) Ltd is a Financial Service Provider and we can source suitable credit facility via a variety of finance services providers. Virtual Drive (Pty) Ltd is a Juristic representative of Novatec WS (Pty) Ltd. FSP number 46408.

What happens to the existing service/maintenance plan of the vehicle? Can I transfer a vehicle plan into my name when I purchase the vehicle?

The warranty, maintenance and service plan may be changed into your name – but with some vehicle manufacturers this is linked to the vehicle, not the owner, making the transfer more complicated.

Via our partnership with PinnAfrica, Alphera Financial Services and Innovation Group, Virtual Drive will be able to offer extended warranties, service or maintenance plans to the new buyer.

Can I delete my profile?

Once you have created an account through Virtual Drive it cannot be deleted. This is to ensure the safety of users and to prevent duplicate accounts from being created. However, any account may be deactivated at any time, by either the account holder, or Virtual Drive. For more information please do not hesitate to email us on

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